vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Support à la coalition

I support the proposed coalition.
I'm annoyed that Harper refused to face the consequences of his actions and let the chips fall where they might; that he suspended Parliament before it had even started; that at the time of great economic concern, Harper is not doing the work of government (nor allowing a coalition to do it) but instead is spending his time crossing Canada to try to save his skin!
I'm annoyed at and disappointed in our G-C who didn't give the coalition a chance.
I voted Conservative for decades; when Harper was elected, I quit voting Conservative. His arrogance and dishonesty (yes, we'll set a fixed election date that can't be changed - unless of course, the polls favor me; oh, no I never was part of a proposed coalition years ago....).
So I hope Harper and his govt are defeated in Jan and that the coalition (who received a combined 60% of the votes) gets on with the work of Parliament!
Bye, Bye, Steve.....

Diane H

Dear Mrs. H,

Thank you for taking time to share your opinion with me, regarding the coalition.
I understand your frustration towards Mr. Harper who has channeled the Conservative party to the extreme right (for right!)
I would really appreciate to know where you are from?

Truly yours

Christian Ouellet, MP

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